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Liposuction in Cincinnati

 Eliminate Stubborn Fat

Appointments: (513) 793-6100

Liposuction in Cincinnati

 Eliminate Stubborn Fat


Liposuction Cincinnati



Have you ever found the top you were looking for only to discover that after you try it on, your abdomen noticeably protrudes? Or maybe a pair of jeans fits you perfectly in the hips but bulges above the waistband. Liposuction eliminates fat from problem areas so that you can fit into clothing better and have a wider variety of options that flatter your figure. 

Liposuction Cincinnati



Carrying extra weight can put stress on certain parts of the body, such as the back, knees, and hips. Although liposuction should not be looked at as a form of weight loss and does not result in a dramatic reduction in weight, removal of the  excess fat can be enough to make a difference when it comes to straining your body and may encourage patients to continue with a healthy lifestyle.

Liposuction Cincinnati



You may have struggled for several months or even years to eliminate stubborn fat to no avail, and these enduring bulges may cause you to be self-conscious about your appearance. After liposuction, you will feel happy knowing you look good, which will help make you feel more comfortable in your own skin and give you the confidence you deserve.

Transform Medspa -Premier Liposuction in Cincinnati

Dr Atluri MD, specializes in Body sculpting/Liposuction and Skin rejuvenation. She is one of the first physicians to perform SMARTLIPO and VASER  Liposuction in Cincinnati which she has been doing since 2007. She is a member of the American Board of Cosmetic Physicians.

Smartlipo and VASER liposuction are revolutionary cosmetic procedures and she has received excellent training by well-known expert surgeons in the country. Dr Atluri is trained in Hi definition liposuction by the world renowned Plastic surgeon Alfredo Hoyos, MD

Your Liposuction Options


Liposuction can remove excess fat and bulges and create a lean contour of your tummy and improve your posture, appearance and confidence.

Waist and Hips

Liposuction creates a flatter abdomen and slenderer waist to eliminate “love handles” or a “muffin top” and achieve the desirable hourglass shape


Almost any part of the thigh can be treated with liposuction, including just above the knee, under the butt (also known as the “banana roll”), the outer thighs, and the inner thighs to create the coveted "thigh gap".


Liposuction creates more toned arms so you can wave goodbye to arm flab that swings back and forth

Back and Chest

Fat in the upper back that bulges out from bra bands can be smoothed, and men who suffer from pseudo-gynecomastia, or male breasts, can achieve the firm chest they desire with liposuction


Liposuction can eliminate a double chin or drooping neck fat that can make you appear misleadingly overweight and beyond your years.

Liposuction Cost

Liposuction cost ranges from $1500 -$2000 per area. (Size of your hand is considered as an area)

Get $1000 off per area now


Ultrasound Assisted VASERLIPO

  • The cannula emits ultrasound waves to dislodge the fat cells
  • Allows for easier removal of fat cells
  • Usually used in areas with a high degree of fibrous tissue
  • Ideal for sculpting the upper back or male breasts


Power Assisted VIBROLIPO

  • A machine vibrates the liposuction cannula to dislodge the fat cells
  • Allows for easier and more precise removal of larger amounts of fat
  • Faster than traditional liposuction
  • Results in less bruising
  • Ideal for sculpting all areas of the body, including around the navel, male breasts, and inner thighs 

Laser Assisted SMARTLIPO

  • Cool or chilled laser pulses are administered to liquefy the fat cells
  • Allows for easier removal of fat
  • Best for sculpting small areas of the face, neck, arms, back, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks


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